Julie Albert

My daughter forwarded the information about your Grandmother STEM project.  Well Grandma is a junior-high science teacher and is too busy to reply.  This is not a problem since Grandpa is also a STEM and will respond for Grandma.

I’ve been married to Grandma for 41 years and Grandma was always a STEM.  Grandma’s name is Julie Albert.  Her undergraduate degree is in Medical Technology (and she is an ASCP).  She worked in a hospital laboratory for the first years of our marriage and she stopped working in the lab to make time to raise our 3 kids.  I thought that she would resume her career in the medical lab when our youngest entered first grade, but  Grandma decided to have a mid-life career change and went back to school to earn a Masters in education.  She has been teaching junior high science for the past 20 years.  Every year her students all do a project for Science Fair and many go on to present at State.  We live in Illinois and near Fermi Laboratory that has developed a “Prairie” with buffalo, and Julie takes her class to the Prairie for plant identification.  Be prepared to name a few plants if you take Julie for a walk at the nature center.

Our son Brian has a PhD in Chemistry.  So Julie (Mom) and Brian applied to the American Chemical Society to do a school teaching project to encourage kids to pursue careers in chemistry.  Their teaching project is being done this month.

At the present time, Julie has 5 Grandchildren so she is an official Grandma and a first class STEM.

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