Elsie Carpenter

Elsie Carpenter

Biologist Cathy McFadden submitted this post about her grandmother, Elsie Carpenter.

My grandmother graduated from Radcliffe in the 1920s with a degree in biology.  While there she met my grandfather, who was a PhD student in biology at Harvard and her TA in a course.  After she graduated and they married, she worked as his lab assistant (in developmental biology research) for several years before leaving science to raise a family.  Although my grandfather had a long career in biology (35 yrs as a college professor followed by 20 yrs in a government lab) my grandmother never went back to work.

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2 Responses to Elsie Carpenter

  1. Leah Murphy says:

    Was your grandmother’s maiden name Greenslade?? Born in Franklinville NY? My mother Katherine Lake Snyder and Elsie were first cousins, would love to connect, email below, Thanks

  2. Cathy McFadden says:

    No, sorry, wrong Elsie. My grandmother’s maiden name was Clark and she grew up in Stockbridge, MA.

    Cathy McFadden

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