Bettina Bair


Bettina Bair with with her granddaughter, Kira,

teaching her about open source operating systems.

I became a grandmother just 18 months ago, but I’ve been in computing since my first CS class in 1978.  Today I am teaching CSe at Ohio State University.  In 2004, I founded the Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing (OCWiC), which just wrapped up its fifth conference.

My first programs were written on punched cards, in FORTRAN.  These days we use sophisticated IDEs and Java.

I may be old enough for AARP, and I may be a woman, but when my family and friends need a reliable geek to help them with their technology, they call me.

Bettina “Bits” Bair


With the ACMW club, just before going to GHC12
in Baltimore, MD last fall.


With the husband, Larry, at the Houston Space Center…
because that’s what we do on vacations.

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3 Responses to Bettina Bair

  1. I would love to chat with you, Bettina!

  2. Bettina, I hope you don’t mind that we pinned you on our Women in STEM board:

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