Alyce Muldoon and Margaret “Peggy” O’Neil


Thank you to L. Daniel Muldoon, who submitted this post and sister-ly picture.  Yes, Daniel confirmed, that is a knife.   The picture is from St. Patrick’s Day in 1981.

My grandmother, Alyce Muldoon (right), and her sister Margaret “Peggy” O’Neil (left) were the daughters of a trolley driver in Bridgeport, CT, born in 1922 and 1920, respectively. Both graduated from Temple University School of Chiropody in Philadelphia, Pa. — Alyce in 1943 and Peggy in 1946. Both practiced podiatry in Bridgeport, CT for over 50 years, sharing the practice for the latter 25 years.

In a time when few women became physicians, my grandmother and great aunt held their own in a male-dominated field and made it possible for my father, my siblings, and me to be successful in our own rights.

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One Response to Alyce Muldoon and Margaret “Peggy” O’Neil

  1. Bill Sowka says:

    Revised comment:I was a patient of theirs for just two visits back in the 1980’s, but they left a lasting impression. Not only were they excellent practioners, but they were so kind and compassionate. They even made me a cup of tea when the procedure was over. I alsovrecall their fabulous snd eccentric sense of humor. I was wondering what happened to them when I stumbled onto this wonderful blog. Great post for two deserving women. Thank you L.Daniel!

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