Around the World with Grandma got STEM

On 2-23-13 I posted this map showing countries with Grandma got STEM readers:


At the time, I was astonished and delighted to already have readers from 23 countries and so many continents.  I hoped to “fill in the map” – so here’s an update.  As of today, there have been Grandma got STEM readers in 116 countries.   Here’s the map:


I am curious about the places with no readers.  Why are they not yet part of the #ggstem network?  Lack of interest?  Lack of internet access?  I was pondering this question while listening to Radio Paradise, a free internet radio station.

It turns out that you can get a map of where Radio Paradise listeners have come from in the last 24 hours.  The color scale is different, so green (and yellow) means no (or few) listeners. I was interested to see how similar their map was to mine:

radio paradise 24 hrs 4_16_2013

It was also interesting to me that Radio Paradise is not blocked in China the same way WordPress is blocked.

Here are the 116 countries with Grandma got STEM readers:






I would love to have at least one submission from each of these countries!  What is the story in your country from Women in STEM?


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2 Responses to Around the World with Grandma got STEM

  1. Braca Djacic says:

    hi rachel…..can you tell to me what kind of real time tracker for wordpress you use to track your readers?

    • raylevy says:

      Hi Braca — there’s something built into WordPress. I can see what countries people have clicked from, what sites they are coming from and which pages they clicked in the blog as well as counts of visits to the various pages.

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