Kathy Hays


Thanks to Kelly Herbon, who contributed this post about STEM-ma Kathy Hays.

My mother, Kathy Hays, is a 64 year-old grandmother of 3 children under 4.  She was a middle school and high school language arts teacher for 29+ years who used a typewriter to create quizzes, study guides, and lesson plans for much of her teaching career.  Remember those tiny little white strips you had to use to cover up mistakes you made with a typewriter??  Yeah, I’m sure she remembers them, too.

Now, in retirement, she is intrigued by all things technological.  She spends hours a day experimenting and “trouble-shooting” on her computer doing various activies:  looking up gardening and quilting information, searching for cheap airfare and travel information for herself and her family, and uploading pictures and making “smile box” movies to share recent visits with the grandchildren with her extended circle.  She buys about 3 computers for each 1 that my family buys, and she is always interested in delving into the newest technology and trying to figure it out.

Most recently, she was watching you tube videos about how to fix her dishwasher.  She was determined to look up the information on her own saying, “You can figure out how to fix almost everything on you tube!”

If she would have had these technological tools available to her during her teaching career, I know she would have been even more efficient and effective at her job.  She works with whatever gadgets are available and adapts as new technology is invented.  She is truly a fine example of a technological grandma!

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