Bessie Smart

Thanks to Jehan Izhar, who shared these stories and pictures:
My Grandmother, Bessie Smart, is 84 years old and lives in Wigan, England.  She began taking computer courses for Seniors a couple years ago because she wanted to be able to email her grandchildren and she was really excited when she heard about Skype. I remember her telling me that she got frustrated at the teacher one day because he was just showing them how to play solitaire on the computer and she raised her hand and said, “I want to know how to send a photo attachment to an email so that I can share some photos with my grandkids who live in America!” 

Last week I told her I didn’t know why my internet connection was so slow and she told me to Google it. CLASSIC! I love it!!
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  1. Lynne Spreen says:

    This is awesome. I need to take my 88-year-old Mom over to the computer library at our community center and teach her how to web surf. She is so curious about life, she’s missing out! And now that she has had cataract surgery, she will be able to see the screen. Thanks for the reminder!

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