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Delia Derbyshire

Thanks to Hadiza Mohammed, creator of the Women Rock Science Tumblr, for calling attention to mathematician, and electronic music composer Delia Derbyshire.  Derbyshire realized Ron Grainer’s score for the theme song of the popular science fiction series Doctor Who, but never received credit or royalties for … Continue reading

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Marie Van Brittan Brown

Thanks to Hadiza Mohammed, creator of the Women Rock Science Tumblr, for calling attention to inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown.  You can read about Brown on the African-American registry. According to the registry, Brown invented Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) for home … Continue reading

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Annie Jump Cannon

Thanks to Jacque Wernimont, who pointed out this interesting Past Imperfect Smithsonian blog post by Natasha Geiling. The post includes this photo from the Smithsonian Institution Archives of Annie Jump Cannon at her desk at the Harvard Observatory. Geiling’s article describes work by … Continue reading

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Grace Wahba

I enjoyed seeing all the other grandmothers in STEM. I have three lovely grandchildren and have been on the Statistics faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1967. Since some of my work involves Hilbert Spaces, it was fitting that we … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Lee Hazen and Rachel Brown

Thanks to Carrie Weiner Campbell, who found this photograph of Elizabeth Lee Hazen and Rachel Brown on the Smithsonian Flikr page. Here is the information that accompanies the photo in the Archives:   Subject: Hazen, Elizabeth Lee 1888-1975       Brown, Rachel 1898-1980       New York … Continue reading

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