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Marta Sved

Thanks to Ahmed Umer Ashraf from Pakistan, who emailed suggestions about two women in mathematics that were active in their 60s.  He says he learned about Dr. Sved. from reading her papers. Marta Sved with Keith Hamann at an Australian … Continue reading

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Daphne Oram

Photo source: Thank you to Sophie Gernay, who suggested a post about Daphne Oram.  Sophie says She was a musician interested in electronic music, and the first women to design an instrument that could transcript drawings into sounds. Here … Continue reading

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Marian Diamond

Professor Marian Diamond is featured on the University of California Research Tumblr, along with this great picture.  The Tumblr links to a story about how Professor Diamond studied Einstein’s brain and to her online course on human anatomy at UC … Continue reading

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Cathleen Morawetz

I have wanted to create a post about Mathematician Cathleen Morawetz for a while, because I have found her quite inspirational.  She has made significant contributions in the field of partial differential equations, and also gave some terrific career advice … Continue reading

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Ester Gerston and Gloria Ruth Gorden

Found this amazing picture on the Women in Computer Science tumblr with the following caption: “Esther Gerston and Gloria Ruth Gordon, early programmers working on the ENIAC computer in 1946. Photo from the US Army, via NPR, in: Laura Sydell, … Continue reading

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Wonderful tribute to 10 remarkable women in science

I recommend you check out this fantastic blog post by Maia Weinstock about “10 notable women in science who left us in 2013.” Yvonne Brill and Ruth Benerito have already been featured in Grandma got STEM, but if any readers … Continue reading

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