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Gertrude Elion

Thanks to Margery Nelson, who suggested Nobel Laureate Gertrude Elion.  The picture above and a terrific autobiography can be found on the site.

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Joanna Chorley

Today is the first birthday of Grandma got STEM!  Thank you to everyone who has submitted #GGSTEM posts and made this project possible.  A big hello to the readers around the world (so far from 137 countries)! Thanks to Kimberly … Continue reading

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Fannie M. Gordon

Thank you to David Gross, great-grandson-in-law of STEM-ma  Maria Dee Salmonson, who took the time to write this terrific post about Fannie Gordon.  If anyone has a picture of her that we could share, we’d appreciate it. Fannie M. Gordon … Continue reading

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Esther Szekeres

The Sydney Morning Herald published a lovely obituary of George and Esther Szekeres, Mathematicians, 1911-2005, 1910-2005.  The picture above was from a conference to celebrate George Szekeres’ 90th birthday. Here’s an excerpt – you really should go read the whole … Continue reading

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Edna Kramer

Photo source: A second thanks to Ahmed Umer Ashraf, who suggested posts for Marta Sved and Edna Kramer.  Ahmed wrote I wanted to point out two women in mathematics that were active in their 60s.  Marta Sved (I think … Continue reading

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