Joanna Chorley

Today is the first birthday of Grandma got STEM!  Thank you to everyone who has submitted #GGSTEM posts and made this project possible.  A big hello to the readers around the world (so far from 137 countries)!

Thanks to Kimberly Moynahan, who shared this article in the Telegraph about a picture of WWII codebreakers that was put aside in a drawer until recently.

WW2 codebreakers - the final secret

According to the article,

Mrs Chorley described the “sense of urgency” that filled the office where the women worked as Colossus stood next to them, filling “half a room”.

“Bletchley Park was one of the pleasantest places I’ve worked in, you knew the work was worthwhile and Colossus was an amazing machine and I found it thrilling.

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1 Response to Joanna Chorley

  1. Anne cooke says:

    Does mrs Chorley remember my mum Marjorie elizabeth Villis she worked on the bomb machine while she was in the wrens her surname changed to williams when she got married?

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