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Marilyn Steneken

Thanks to Dr. Marilyn Steneken, who submitted this post, edited from an article posted on August 14, 2014 by Heather Jones in Science, Using Gizmos. Dr. Marilyn Steneken teaches 7th grade life science at a middle school in Sparta Township … Continue reading

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Women Observing Stars

Thanks to Vanessa Layne, who might have my favorite business name ever: Integration by Parts                          Porter Square, Cambridge, MA Psychotherapy for Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians Vanessa sent … Continue reading

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Eve Sprunt

Rising to a Challenge by Eve Sprunt, Ph.D. Being a grandma I have only one grandchild, Viola, who is not quite 3. It will be interesting to see if she goes into STEM. Both of Viola’s parents have Ph.D.’s in … Continue reading

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Diana Wall

Nematodes make me smile. That is what I’m currently studying. They are really important. Nematodes are part of the food web beneath our feet – in the soil. We have to sustain our soils. I study nematodes (roundworms) and other … Continue reading

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