Esther Lederberg


Thank you to @GIST_IPA, the International and Public Affairs team at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in South Korea,  for calling attention my attention to this BBC article, by entitled “The women whom science forgot.”

It was particularly nice to hear from GIST, because I would like to represent more women scientists from outside the US, and I would appreciate suggestions of people to contact or feature.

The article includes several women already featured in GGSTEM as well as Esther Lederberg (December 18, 1922 – November 11, 2006).   According to the article, she worked in genetics as a microbiologist.  The article says that although her research helped her husband, Joshua, win a Nobel prize in 1958, she was not cited in the award.  Her work is well-cited and other articles discuss professional challenges she faced, despite letters from researchers emphasizing the quality of her work.

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