Williamina Paton Fleming

Thanks to librarian Sam Kome, who passed along this clipping from the Library of Congress archive of an article about Fleming in a newspaper from North Dakota October 18, 1906. Willison, Williams County, N.D.  The headline notes that “Mrs. Fleming has discovered six out of nine new stars.”

Williamina Paton Fleming - cut.png

Here is the article in the context of the page, between The Duel and A Nervous Wreck and right above A Wonderful Rose Garden.

Williamina Paton Fleming.png

More about Fleming (May 15, 1857 – May 21, 1911) here on Wikipedia about her work with Pickering at the Harvard College Observatory, including her discovery of the Horsehead Nebula.

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4 Responses to Williamina Paton Fleming

  1. Jack Mitchell says:

    The memory palace did a great podcast episode about her and the other women who worked at the observatory.


  2. Antoinette Caprice Cannon says:

    My heart swelled with pride as I read about this remarkable women of Science. My hat goes off to her for her discoveries and accomplishments in a male dominated field of study.

  3. Back in school I actually had to do a report of Mrs Fleming. Interesting.

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