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Dr May Edward Chinn

Anyone want to write a post about her? Thanks to Catherine Roberts, who posted this link on Facebook.  I have not checked the sources, but it sounds like a story worth pursuing.

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Hemavathy Appan

This is a story of my mom, Dr. Hemavathy, a pediatrician in India. She was born in Kariapattinam, a small village in southern India in the state of Tamil Nadu. The village had one school that only went up to … Continue reading

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Williamina Paton Fleming

Thanks to librarian Sam Kome, who passed along this clipping from the Library of Congress archive of an article about Fleming in a newspaper from North Dakota October 18, 1906. Willison, Williams County, N.D.  The headline notes that “Mrs. Fleming … Continue reading

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Mary Putnam Jacobi

Thank you to Chemist Katherine Van Heuvelen, who pointed out this book: in which Jacobi is the first woman featured.  According to the the book, Jacobi was the “first woman admitted to France’s École du  Médecine.” An Amazon review by … Continue reading

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Hertha Marks Ayrton

Thank you to Mathematician Sharon Lubkin, who called my attention to the Google doodle above, which was posted in honor of what would be Hertha Marks Ayrton’s 162nd birthday.   This led me to a fun jaunt through her Wikipedia page … Continue reading

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Thelma Prince

Thanks to librarian Allegra Swift, who passed along this tweet pointing to this article about Thelma Prince, who contributed to the development of the polio vaccine.    

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Sylvia Miller

Thank you to Kathy Kobayashi, who forwarded this LA Times article featuring a new book about the women who worked as programmers at JPL by Nathalia Holt, “Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to … Continue reading

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Lucy Jones

Image of Jones in the LA Times Article credited to KNBC. Thanks to physicist Karen Daniels, who pointed out this LA Times article about the retirement of U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones.  The article notes that  “She’s retiring from … Continue reading

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Mary Anning

Thanks to Allegra Swift for the suggestion of this JSTOR Daily article about forgotten female fossilists!    

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Ellen Williams

Thanks to Sam Kome, who pointed out this article on innovation in battery technology.  The effort is led by Dr. Ellen Williams, director of ARPA-E. Here’s a release from Reuters:   A wing of the U.S. Department of Energy focused on … Continue reading

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