Radio Interview

ABC North Queensland Australia
Morning Show with Paula Tapiolas
Interview of Rachel Levy by David Alex Chambers

Tell Me More with Michel Martin
How Parents are Leading the Revolution for Girls in Tech
Interview of Mimi Kome, Iman Saint Jean and Rachel Levy

Articles featuring Grandma got STEM Amazing Grandma got STEM project fights old lady luddite stereotype Jason Bittel grandmothers-who-are-brilliant Cory Doctorow

The Atlantic  All-request photos on In Focus with by Alan Taylor (see pic #18)

Calcalist Grandma has Wheels by Keren Tsuriel

Canadian Broadcast Company, George Strombolopolous, Awesome Blog Celebrates Grandmas Who Work(ed) In Science, Tech, Engineering And Math

History of Science Society April 2013 Newsletter by Jacqueline Wernimont

Scope (Stanford Science):  Chipping Away at Stereotypes about Older Women and Science, one story at a time by Michelle Brandt

The Hearth (Assisted Living and Aging in California):  Blog celebrates the Grandmothers of Science, Tech, Engineering and Math

Reddit:  Grandmas got STEM celebrates grandmas that work.worked in science

science careers Grandma, What a Big Brain You Have! Beryl Bender «GRANDMA GOT STEM»: LES GRANDS-MÈRES AUSSI PEUVENT ÊTRE FORTES EN SCIENCES Grandma got STEM challenges the stereotype of Technologically Hapless Old People Doug Barry

Claremont DH Featured Projects:  Grandma got STEM by Jacque Wernimont News:  Grandma got STEM

Grandma got STEM featured on these blogs

Mindful Teachers:  Celebrating the Ordinary Women of STEM (e-interview) by Catherine Hannay.

AMS Blogs:   Blog on Math Blogs Lovely article about Grandma got STEM by Evelyn Lamb in honor of her Grandmother’s Birthday.

Codagogy Web Start Women Grandma got STEM

PMA Women in Manufacturing:  Grandma got STEM and the Real Live Rosies

Lohdown on Science:  Kiss Your Grandma Today! (Or do it over the phone!) by Sandra Tsing Loh

CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine) Stem Cell Research Updates Grannies in the lab:  Blog showcases influential women in science by Amy Adams

Double X Science:  Stereotype Threat by Chris Gunter Must read blogs:  Grandma got STEM by Virginia deBolt

Women in STEM Throwback:  Grandma got STEM by Ali

Femgeeks rrrebooting… gender (German)

Phantom List links to women’s writing by women around the web.

Grandma’s got STEM Jaqueline Carville Grandma Got STEM: STEM Girl Friday Kim Moldofsky

Bad Mom, Good Mom Grandma got STEM Grandma got STEM Miss Cellania

feminist philosophers Grandma got STEM

scientific femanomaly Grandma got STEM

Frogheart Your Grandma got STEM?

Nature Blogs About your Grandmother in STEM Laura Hoopes


Drexel Math Forum InternetNews Sept 6, 2013


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on Pinterest

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