Seeking international submissions!

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The project has readers from more than 100 countries, but submissions from only a few.  Please help make this blog an international effort by submitting posts or encouraging others to post.

Call for submissions – short

Know any geeky grannies?  Seeking submissions for Grandma got STEM.  Email name+pic+story to

Call for submissions – long

Call for submissions – Grandma got STEM.  Are you a senior woman working in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) – related field?  Know any geeky grannies?  Email name+pic+story/remembrance to Rachel Levy:  ggstem (at) hmc (dot) edu.  Follow on Twitter: @mathcirque #ggstem  Project site:

1 Response to Seeking international submissions!

  1. velichova says:

    Splendid idea! Grandparents are the most inspiring persons for young people, as they know what is the real essence of life and they want to share their own experience with belowed grandchildren from the sheer love.
    Grandmas with STEM live everywhere on this planet, so why not to celebrate the valuable gift of their generosity? Educated women are like blessing for the society, as they want also their children to be educated. Educated grandmas are living miracles.
    Many thanks, Rachel, for having chance to read about so many of them.

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