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GGSTEM Challenge: Who was Margaret Dorothy Foster?

Here’s the next #GGSTEM challenge:  Let’s write a post together about Margaret Foster.  Thanks to @CCdiglib, I saw the above image in a review on the BrainPickings blog of the book  The Science Education of American Girls: A Historical Perspective (Studies in the History … Continue reading

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Mary-Dell Chilton

Thanks to Steven Goldsmith, who submitted this post about his colleague Mary-Dell Chilton. Mary-Dell Chilton got STEM. Mary-Dell Chilton has been called “the Queen of Agrobacterium” for her discovery of the process by which genes can be inserted into plants, … Continue reading

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Sophie Brahe

Thanks to Grandma Got STEM contributor Else Hoyrup from Denmark for this post about the Danish astronomer, scholar and writer, Sophie Brahe (born in 1556 or 1559, died in 1643). The portrait (above) was painted shortly after her first husband, … Continue reading

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Mary Sherman Morgan

Thanks to Jennifer Ouellette (@JenLucPiquant), who shared this link on Twitter about a BBC article honoring Mary Sherman Morgan.  Jennifer noted that  In early 1950s, Mary Sherman Morgan was only female analyst among 900 rocket scientists at North American Aviation. … Continue reading

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Karen Spärk Jones

From Geek Feminism Wiki featured article on 6.12.13: Karen Spärck Jones, the University of Cambridge Photo permissions:  CC BY Thayvian Karen Spärck Jones (1935–2007) was a British computer scientist. Her specialties were natural language processing and information retrieval. Spärck Jones had a long history … Continue reading

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Eleanor Baum

Thanks to regular GGSTEM contributor Jill Tietjen for this post: Eleanor Baum has spent her life breaking down barriers. As reported in the National Enquirer (!), one of the engineering colleges to which she applied did not accept her – as … Continue reading

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Evi Nemeth

  Thanks to Sam Kome, who passed along this story from The Register (photo from Telluride Tech Festival Site): SHE LITERALLY WROTE THE BOOK ON UNIX Evi Nemeth was born in 1940 and earned her PhD in mathematics in 1971 before … Continue reading

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