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Francine (Jones) Schmitz

Francine (Jones) Schmitz, who as near as I (her daughter) can tell is completely unknown in the annals of women in tech, graduated with a masters degree in nuclear physics in the late 50s. She was hired by Aerojet contracted … Continue reading

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Ellen Williams

Thanks to Sam Kome, who pointed out this article on innovation in battery technology.  The effort is led by Dr. Ellen Williams, director of ARPA-E. Here’s a release from Reuters:   A wing of the U.S. Department of Energy focused on … Continue reading

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Aprille Ericsson

As part of the observance of Chicagoland Engineers Week, February 21-27, 2016, professional engineers, engineering societies, major corporations, CEO’s, and civic leaders will attend the Washington Award Benefit on Friday evening, February 26th at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, 720 … Continue reading

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F. Suzanne Jenniches

Suzanne Jenniches says: Today after a 41 year-career, I am as passionate about engineering as I was the first day as a test engineer and that is what I share with young people. I want all young people to recognize … Continue reading

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Frances Hugle

Thanks to the family of Frances Hugle for the following information. Frances Hugle was born Frances Betty Sarnat 13 August, 1927 in New York to Nathan and Lilyan (Steinfeld) Sarnatzky, both immigrants. She lived in Chicago until starting her first … Continue reading

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Irena Dumler

 Thank you to Alwyn Eades for this GGSTEM submission. Irena Dumler (my wife) has been an important figure in the world of electron microscopy. She was born in Czechoslovakia, soon after she was born the family left to escape fascism. … Continue reading

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Eve Sprunt

Rising to a Challenge by Eve Sprunt, Ph.D. Being a grandma I have only one grandchild, Viola, who is not quite 3. It will be interesting to see if she goes into STEM. Both of Viola’s parents have Ph.D.’s in … Continue reading

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Jill S Tietjen

Jill Tietjen is a regular contributor to GGSTEM.  Now we get to read about her! Photo – the Board of Directors of Merrick & Company, June 2014 Guess which one I am 🙂 ? Electricity. Something that almost all of … Continue reading

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Sandra Kizior

Thanks to Sandy Kizior, who shared several photographs from her working life.  I smile every time I read this comment she left on the blog: Rachel I love you. Finally a “place” online I can feel like one of the … Continue reading

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Eleanor Baum

Thanks to regular GGSTEM contributor Jill Tietjen for this post: Eleanor Baum has spent her life breaking down barriers. As reported in the National Enquirer (!), one of the engineering colleges to which she applied did not accept her – as … Continue reading

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